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A resilient 17-year-old, living independently since 15, returned to education, secured her first job, but can't afford new gl

A 17-year-old woman has been living independently since age 15, facing significant challenges managing her daily needs and securing a stable income. Despite these obstacles, she demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. She returned to school, enrolled in a TAFE course, and completed a certificate program to enhance her employability. She successfully earned her TAFE certificate.
She secured her first job. While this employment marked a significant milestone, the income is just enough to cover her basic living expenses. This financial limitation became critical, and her current glasses are no longer sufficient for her daily activities and work responsibilities.
Due to her low income and the high cost of living independently, she could not afford the necessary eyewear. The cost of new glasses was beyond her financial reach, causing significant stress and impacting her ability to perform effectively at work and in her personal life.


Launceston TAS 7250

Grocery voucher - $50

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