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Flooding - New South Wales

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Clothing voucher - $20

Not for profit community Preschool supporting those impacted by the floods and experiencing hardship

We run a community not for profit preschool for children 3yrs to 5yrs. Our community was severely affected by the Oct and November 2022 floods. A large number of our families were displaced from their homes or isolated from the town for a number of weeks.

Some of these families have still not returned to their homes and are living in portable housing. We have a community pantry which is set up at the front area for families to take whatever is needed on arrival and departure. We stock both perishable and non-perishable items with some personal care items. Our families feel comfortable enough to use this service and due to the high turnover, we replenish the pantry weekly to give ongoing support for our families.

We are also seeing some families who have minimal clothing and are need of some basic essentials, especially as the weather warms up. Some families are struggling with being able to afford fuel and so their children have to take a taxi to get to preschool.


Forbes NSW 2871

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