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Grocery voucher - $20

A newly widowed father of 3 young children, lost wife to cancer and have since been forced into homelessness

This family recently lost their mother to Cancer. She left behind a husband and three young children. After this, the family lost their tenancy (landlord sold property) and were forced into homelessness due to a lack of affordability in the rental market and overall competitiveness as a result of the Housing Crisis. After a period living in a motel the family were fortunate enough to secure a tenancy with a Community Housing provider and have moved in.

The father was one employed full time but has had to leave his job to care for his 2 youngest children (eldest has begun to attend school). This has left the family in a precarious financial situation. Dad is eager to return to work but is unable to due to a lack of family, friends or supports to care for his young children.

Access to supports with basic living items would help this family tremendously.


Tingalpa QLD 4173


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