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Tropical Cyclone Seroja

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Sensory / Fidget Toy

Student resources for teens who have experienced trauma which is impacting their education, health and wellbeing.

We are in need of resources for our student group work. These student come from a variety of backgrounds and traumatic experiences and in need of guidance toward behaviour modification, pastoral care and support. These kids range from the age of 12 to 17. Covid and the ongoing impacts of Cyclone Seroja in the region add to the hardships experienced by these students and impact health and wellbeing.

Our group work is made up of up to 5 students at a time. Areas of focus and the resources we are looking for are:

Journal writing - diary style writing booklet
Community engagement - making up hygiene care packages for those in dire need within the community
Relationship building - beaded jewellery kits and basket ball
Emotional regulation - In and Out Disney characters

We are a not for profit organisation with no petty cash on hand to help. Can you help?


Geraldton WA 6530


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