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Grocery voucher - $50

Students are missing school due to parents losing income due to job loss and illness

My client lost her job in February. Due to her partner working and some savings, it was not a big deal. Then there was a death in the family so time had to be taken off work and partner used all his annual leave due to just being on annual leave over Christmas. Partner then got diabetes and was off work for a number of unpaid leave days. With the washer and dryer packing up and rent increasing, their savings was depleted.
The family are struggling financially which is impacting on the children to get to school (cost of fuel) and no food for school so they are kept home due to being too embarrassed.
This is a family of 6 (4 children and 2 adults).
Mum is wanting to get another job, but this family needs immediate assistance.
Thank you for your kind generosity to assist this family to get back on their feet.


Waikiki WA 6169

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