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First Nations Support

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Fuel voucher - $50

Children and infants of parents who are single parents, living in isolation and without supports, relocated due to DV.

Many families and individuals who access our services often require a one-off support or wrap around supports to assist during their crisis or immediate intervention.
There are situations whereby parents who have recently separated due to domestic violence have to escape quickly, leaving behind various items including their children's clothing, nappies, moisturizing cremes, nappy bags, books, baby wipes, baby rubs for nappy rashes, small toothbrushes, hairbrush. etc etc
More often, the parent/caregiver is focused on the child's wellbeing and safety and will leave quickly. This donation will assist with those who are requiring assistance, as a one off until they have settled or in a safe house. These packs will provide a bit of relief in the initial stages until they are settled and until their next payment through centrelink.

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic there has been an increase in people seeking support due to DV and our service is stretched.


Maryborough QLD 4650


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