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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Voucher for Christmas decorations

Mental Health Groups Program that supports clients aged 18-64 experiencing mental illness

We run a mental health unit for clients aged 18-64 who are experiencing mental illness. Our mission is to provide a collaborative person centered recovery in a safe environment.

We heavily rely on your donations to assist with our group programs.

Donations for our programs will boost morale on the ward and allow clients to be motivated and engaged whilst getting the care they need.

We sincerely thank you for any contributions made to our service that will benefit our clients in need.


Werribee VIC 3030

Voucher for Christmas decorations

Christmas is slowly approaching and with covid restrictions still in place we would appreciate your support to help us make our wards as festive as possible. We have an adult inpatient mental health unit, consisting of 54 beds.

We would greatly appreciate Kmart vouchers so we can purchase decorations to create a festive environment. As restrictions will reduce the contact our consumers will have with their homes and families, we would also love to facilitate festive groups and gifts for our consumers.

We greatly appreciate your support this festive season.

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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