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Providing essentials to people sleeping rough on the southern Mornington Peninsula.

Our organisation assists many people who are rough sleeping as our area has the 4th highest rate of rough sleeping in Victoria. Most are living in tents or swags or in their cars along the foreshore, with no access to facilities such as laundry. The problem is growing as rental prices locally have increased astronomically and people are being pushed out onto the street. There is a range of challenges for those who are rough sleeping, from clean clothing, appropriate food (that doesn't need refrigeration or cooking etc), toiletries (lip balm and suncreen are essential!) and shower and laundry facilities - all of which we provide. We aim to give some dignity back to people who are experiencing some of the greatest hardships in our community, helping to reduce the marginalisation they experience out in society.


Rosebud VIC 3939


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