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Storms and Flooding

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Grocery voucher - $200

Young family, due to give birth soon, in need of urgent support after losing everything in NSW floods

This family lost their home in the NSW floods. They spent 20 hours on the roof of their home waiting to be rescued. They are now residing in a temporary pod village, waiting to be able to find a rental which is extremely difficult. Mum lost her job as the employer was flooded, and she is now pregnant. She is experiencing severe morning sickness and is unable to work. They are currently also supporting a very ill family member. This family are in severe financial hardship and in desperate need of assistance for baby items, as they currently have nothing.


Lismore NSW 2480

Grocery voucher - $200

Grocery voucher required for baby essentials like nappies, wipes, toiletries and adult toiletries

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Storms and Flooding


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