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Rural supplies voucher - $200

Flood affected farmer in need of support after shortages in cattle feed and pending fence repairs

During October 2022 floods in Victoria, heavy rain and run-off damaged the property of a farmer who had already been running the farm at losses. After floods, access to certain areas of the farm was cut-off due to ground damage and bogginess. Their feed has been significantly impacted with the loss of the best paddocks and flood damaged hay. Although the farmer received some support from a government grant, damages and needs are far greater than the resources afforded by that grant. There are currently 200 adult cows and 200 calves. Normally they would be grazing on the farm however the flood damaged fences still need to be replaced and there is not enough cattle feed of reasonable quantity to give to the cattle. The farmer is in need of help and would appreciate any support in any form.


Amphitheatre VIC 3468

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