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Single pram

Prams required to help families who rely on them to transport their young child

Our organisation provide essential baby, child and teen items to vulnerable children and their parents/care givers. We support new born through to 18 years of age, with the highest percentage of children referred to us in the 0-3 years age bracket. We support a large range of people who have escaped domestic violence, are living in poverty, recovering from substance abuse or are new arrivals/refugees.

Due to severe economic hardship, a number of families we have supported cannot afford a car and rely on a pram to safely transport their child. A pram allows them to attend medical appointments, playgroups, catch public transport and do grocery shopping, without a pram they become housebound. As a result of this increase, we are almost down to our last pram in stock in our warehouse.

We can rehome pre-loved prams as long as they are in good condition and less than 8 years old, or we also welcome brand new prams.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Edwardstown SA 5039

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