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NSW Fires 2019/2020

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Water tank

Trying to reclaim the connection to the place destroyed by the nSW Bushfires

This local man lived for over 30 years in a small remote village. This house was a place where many community and family members gathered and enjoyed living in the bush, creating memories with children and teenagers swimming in the river and generally having fun. During the NSW bushfires 2019/2020 he lost that house and everything in it.

For people who got burnt out, they still feel a love and connection to the place. The local is feeling a bit dispirited as he wants something out there and to rebuild a dwelling. He talks fondly of the glory years of his life building the house that is now longer there. Emotionally this local man is still scarred and is seeing a counsellor who has been helpful.


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Tinpot NSW 2546

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