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Driving lessons

Asylum seeker single mum with two children 8 and 10, husband passed away recently. Help with Driving Lessons

My client and her children were initially on her husband's student visa. After he completed his studies and secured employment, they transitioned to a Bridging Visa. Tragically, her husband passed away suddenly on the second day of his job. At that time, she was approximately 30 weeks pregnant. Later, at 38+4 weeks pregnant, she experienced a fetal death in utero. Unfortunately, my client and her children are ineligible for government support. Currently, she has no source of income and relies on the kindness of friends. She is grappling with profound and intricate grief while also attempting to care for her other two children. Additionally, their psychologist has recommended that her children engage in sports and physical activities for the sake of their mental health. Th client holds a Cert IV in aged care and is actively seeking employment. However, many job opportunities require a driver's license. The client requires assistance with obtaining 10 driving lessons and sport membership


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Pakenham VIC 3810

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