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Bottle steriliser

Support to new born babies and their parents/caregivers

Our organisation provide essential baby, child and teen items to vulnerable children and their parents/care givers. We support new born through to 18 years of age, with the highest percentage of children referred to us in the 0-3 years age bracket. We support a large range of people who have escaped domestic violence, are living in poverty, recovering from substance abuse or are new arrivals/refugees.

Due to support we are providing to birthing hospitals and organisations who support children and their parents from birth, we have seen a rise in the number of referrals for neonatal and babies. Often, they are requiring a large number of items to assist in setting up for a new born to come home from hospital. As a result we are out of stock of microwave sterilisers - which are essential in ensuring sterile and safe bottles for a new born baby.

We can rehome both brand new and pre-loved microwave sterilisers.


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Edwardstown SA 5039

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