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Grieving mother and her two children, evicted and property stolen.

Introducing a resilient mother facing daunting challenges. With two kids, ages 10 and 11, she lost her stable job due to circumstances beyond her control – an expired visa with restrictive renewal terms. Guided by immigration and a lawyer, she navigates a complex journey to secure her family's future. Tragedy struck harder as her husband, the children's father, passed away just three months ago. Grief compounded their struggles, pushing them to the edge of homelessness, unable to manage rent payments. Despite her adult children and support services' efforts, an unkind eviction notice arrived. Leaving them to be homeless. In a desperate move, they left their belongings exposed in a carport, only to fall victim to thieves. The family have accommodation, however have no income and are lacking basic necessities including washing machine, children's items, food and other items. Your support can be their lifeline. Help rewrite their story from adversity to resilience.


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Alexandra Hills QLD 4161

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