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Big W voucher - $100

Grieving mother of 2 who lost their home forcing them into the confines of a small caravan

In the wake of her partner's passing, life took a harsh turn for a determined mother left to care for her two children. Financial strain led to the loss of their home, forcing them into the confines of a small caravan. With Christmas fast approaching, this resilient woman faces the challenge of providing her children with a festive season they deserve, despite the tight budget. The weight of her partner's absence amplifies as she navigates unfamiliar territory, once shouldered by him as the family's provider. Her days are now consumed with not just seeking shelter and stability but also attempting to reenter the workforce after years spent prioritising her family's needs. As she perseveres through adversity, her story stands as a testament to resilience, inviting the community to join in support and kindness, making a difference in a family's life during their time of struggle.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Lawnton QLD 4501

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