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Domestic & Family Violence

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Young persons dysfunctional family threw out everything they owned, unnecessarily.

35-year-old single person who was living in the unit at their parents and saving a deposit for their own home. The deposit is gone, used on surviving during the immediate events after the flood impact. The flood come through the parents’ house and the unit. This person works in a very remote nursing home where they stay on site on their workdays. They were heading back to their unit to clean it up after having been evacuated from the premises. When they returned home the family had already been through the whole unit and thrown out everything they owned. This resident expressed that the family is dysfunctional and had hoped that the floods might change things. However, it has brought out the worst in the family. They are very upset that items that could have been save were not saved. They have relocated to Melbourne city to get away from the family. Still working remotely but trying to find nursing work in Melbourne that suits their lifestyle.


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Seymour VIC 3660

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