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Domestic and Family Violence

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Supporting families that have been affected by Domestic and Family violence

In 2022 we supplied 358 Home Starter Packs supporting close to 900 kids and 358 adults affected by domestic violence.
Imagine leaving everything you own, so you can escape an unsafe situation.
We supplied close to $80,000.00 worth of stock in our Home Starter Packs. This program is not funded and relies on the support of the public. At the moment we are on the urge of having to put this program on hold. You support will go a long way.
The families we help have been living in emergency accommodation / hotels for up to 6 months. So we want to continue to help these families house a home.
Our Home Starter Packs are basic but make a huge impact. These families receive a toaster, kettle, dinner set, cutlery set, utensils, glasses, coffee mugs, chopping board, pots, pans, mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, washing basket, cleaning products and all their bedding.
Please help us to continue this program.


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