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driving lessons

17 year old Indigenous boy who is homeless wanting to make a new start

17 year old Indigenous homeless boy. He suffers with PTSD, ADHD, anxiety and dyslexia.
He grew up in a domestic violence household and was recently seriously bashed by his father on the streets leading to him needing to be hospitalised.
He has since been in trouble with the law and is currently in Banksia Hill Detention Centre. He wants to change his life around and does not want to get in trouble with law in future and wants to get a job. He is couch surfing between family and friends. He is hoping to move into Nan's when he is released, who lives far away from friends who he wants to stay away from to avoid trouble. He needs a bed for Nans and a mobile phone to keep in contact with support workers and look for work. He is needing driving lessons as he can work for a family member as a courier once he gets his license.
He has recently been medicated for his PTSD and is doing so much better and is determined to make a fresh start for a better future.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Armadale WA 6112

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