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Domestic & Family Violence

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Fridge/freezer - small

Lady suffering from domestic violence and homelessness in need of some help

This lady has experienced domestic violence and family abuse and had to leave her situation to become homeless and living in her car. She finally found rental accomodation a while ago but then the owner pulled out so she stayed living in her car. She now has found a rental and moves in very soon. She has complex mental health issues. Trauma with disassociation and an acquired brain injury. She has experienced psychiatric trauma and financial abuse. Despite this, she soldiers on and really deserves a break. She is moving in with just a mattress and 2 bookcases. We can supply all of her smaller kitchen items and linen and a few other smaller items she needs, but held is please needed with other essentials.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


North Haven NSW 2443

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This request has already been filled.

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