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Grocery voucher - $200

Woman is living isolated at a remote caravan park and lost all belongings during the floods

Woman took on a caretaker role at a caravan park after losing all belongings when flooding hit.
She is living in the club room while unit is being fixed after flood waters went through the unit she is to stay in once works completed. She does not get paid for working however free rent for cleaning and maintaining grounds.
She really is in need of many belongings and clothing. She has to rely on other people with a car to pick her up and take her into town for anything she needs, and the nearest town is 20 minutes away. Client is trying to save to get her license and a cheap vehicle so that she is not so isolated and relying on others. Her partner of 22 years who subjected her to violence left a couple of weeks ago.
The caravan park is very isolated and not a busy park, most of the time she is the only person out there.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Corop VIC 3559

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