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Outdoor and Craft equipment replacement to help with anxiety and depression

During the Victorian Flood of 2022, my resident had been managing well with his mental health. Lives on his own and enjoys being on his own. As renter, he was not protected with the damages to his home. He felt compelled to pay for the repairs for fear of asking the landlord for repairs. He had been unable to replace his damage personal items, since the damages to the home take priority. He has attempted to get some reimbursement from the landlord; however, they feel they have no obligation to him because he completed the repairs on his own will therefore, he isn't owed anything in return.
My resident is wishing to get the items replaced as it is his hobby and outlet to create that space for him to continue to manage his mental health.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Shepparton VIC 3630

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