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Kimberley Flooding

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Amplifier (PeaveyxR8600-1200watts) 2 x 600 XR series power outputs with Speaker

Local musician & band leader lost entire suite of instruments and equipment in the Kimberley Floods. Vital community asset.

Local amateur musician who leads a band and teaches young community members how to play music lost his entire collection of instruments and equipment in the Kimberley Flooding event. He was evacuated from his house which suffered major flood damage resulting in all of his possessions being destroyed. He has recently moved back into his house and has begun to replace essential household items but unfortunately cannot replace his beloved musical equipment. Prior to the Floods the band play often at many community events around the Central Kimberley. Due to having no instruments or equipment they have not been able to perform at several Community Recovery events which have occurred. These events are at the forefront of the Community recovery and currently local youth do not have the means to learn these instruments.


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Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765

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