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Help the growing number of Aussies who have NO internet access

Do you have old mobiles hiding in a bottom drawer, or computer equipment you don’t need stored away in a cupboard? We need donations of new and second-hand personal tech items to help the growing number of Aussies who have NO access to the internet.

Internet access is essential. We should all be able to use digital technologies to manage our health and wellbeing, access education and services, organise finances, and connect with friends, family, and the world beyond.

Individuals with low levels of income, education, and employment are significantly less digitally included. There is consequently a substantial digital divide between the rich and the poor.


Queensland's Digital Inclusion Project

GIVIT has launched the Digital Inclusion Project in Queensland to end the digital divide, by facilitating digital inclusion through the coordination of digital donations. Digital inclusion will help lift families and communities out of the cycle of poverty, and better support those struggling with social issues such as domestic violence and child abuse.

To support digital inclusion, donate and see what’s needed, click here


We want to help create more stories like this….

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for your generosity in providing me with a new laptop. The past few months have been extremely hectic with school work and I wouldn't have been able to complete my work within time to a high standard if it wasn't for this laptop. It came at the perfect time and has assisted me so, so much in getting through year 12 and reducing my stress with school work.

I really, really appreciate your thoughtfulness you have towards my success in school and I know this device will even last me in university next year and assisting in me having success there too so thank you very much. A big thank you for the amazing work your organisation does for the community.


The Impact of COVID-19


In Queensland, the ‘’Digital Divide’’ is pre-existing and COVID-19 has been the catalyst event to highlight this disparity further. 

GIVIT has already coordinated hundreds of donated laptops, computers, smartphones and data cards. However, Queensland Manager, Jo Beadle, said many more are needed to meet demand across the state.

“While Queenslanders are accessing the internet more often than ever before, there are a growing number that do not have easy access or the devices necessary to jump online,” said Ms Beadle. “The repercussions of Coronavirus means charities are seeing an unprecedented amount of people in need of everyday items, including many who may have never found themselves in such a vulnerable position,” said Ms Beadle.

Not only individuals, but support services are need of digital donations too.

A massive thanks for the donation of two laptops and two iPads for our staff and clients. We plan on having the staff use the laptops, to be able to work from home during the COVID changes to the workplace, which will ensure we can continue to deliver support to our many vulnerable clients as well as providing outreach services where needed. The iPads will be set up for the use of staff when completing client intake and may also be accessible by community members for short periods of time to access the internet. Ensuring our clients are keeping up to date with the latest news and events during this crisis is crucial.


We'll help you get them refurbished and ready


"I want to give, but also protect my data." We hear you!

GIVIT is working with generous IT partners and businesses to clean, refurbish and set-up devices to ensure they’re ready for use by people in need.

We encourage you to offer your donation, and we can get them refurbished. Or, follow these simple steps to reset your device and protect your data:

  • On either an Apple or Andriod phone, search for 'Backup & Reset' in your Settings Menu then tap 'Factory data reset'
  • Search 'Recovery' in your Settings and click 'Reset this PC'.

To support digital inclusion, donate and see what’s needed, visit The Digital Inclusion Project.

See how donated computers are given a life new to help those during COVID-19.

I was asked to assist a single-parent family from my school. They were wrestling with the costs of getting all four children ready for school, and the unanticipated cost of a laptop for the child entering high school. Dad wasn't technologically savvy, so the whole thing was "bigger than Ben Hur".

I investigated the school's requirements for computer specs, put in a detailed request with GIVIT and crossed my fingers. I was blown away when I got the call to say that a computer had been donated. I had never heard of a Surface Pro, but a quick look online showed that it matched what the student needed. You were an answer to prayer (and crossed fingers!). I got together with the child in the week before school and was able to help her set it up, and advised what to do about accessing the internet. The smile on her face and the reverent way she handled the computer told me clearly how much this meant to her.

The family asked me to pass on their gratitude. Your generosity means so much to them! Thank you!! GIVIT, thank you so much for the work that you do - it is wonderful to have an organisation which is able to help meet these needs! SO GOOD!!



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