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School donations spread joy throughout NSW communities

It’s been a difficult 12 months for regional NSW. Coming into the year on the back of one of the worst droughts in history, we then had bushfires devastate much of the coastal areas. Now, on top of all of this, COVID-19 is having far-reaching impacts throughout the state.


GIVIT continues to provide relief to people and communities impacted by drought, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to support a wide range of organisations helping to deliver this relief. It is our work with local schools which continues to bring joy. The children benefit from your wonderful donations, with their excitement and gratitude spreading joy throughout communities. 


Below, GIVIT’s NSW Drought Support Officer Melissa Bowman, shares a few of the many wonderful stories from schools. 

Bald Blair Public School, Guyra

In my time at GIVIT, I have never seen children so grateful and so emotional about the help GIVIT was able to give. At Bald Blair Public School, 40 primary school children who have been through years of drought, then had bushfires on their farms are now dealing with COVID-19. They were so appreciative of the fuel and grocery vouchers GIVIT presented to them. There were tears, stories of the struggles their families have been though over the years, and pure joy with the excitement of being able to go home to their parents to show how GIVIT helped.  

Wallabadah Public School, Wallabadah

The children and staff at Wallabadah Public School were all smiles when GIVIT arrived to give assistance to them. They have been through terrible times over the years with the record breaking drought, and then torrential rain in February causing a flash flood through the school which made a huge mess. 


They were so grateful and appreciative to receive kindness after such tough times and showed us what a difference our visit made. GIVIT was able to assist with stationery vouchers and a book shop voucher for the school. The children each received a hairdressing voucher and a lunch voucher to the local corner store. There is no canteen at school, so this lunch voucher was a big hit.


GIVIT knew this gesture was a three way win: it gave the parents the day off making school lunches, the children were excited about such a treat, and it helped support the local store. There were tears as parents received the news. A lot of them are trying to save money by cutting their children’s hair, and to receive a haircut voucher was an absolute luxury. They all knew their children were not oblivious to the effects of the drought, and were elated to see their children so excited about the ‘gifts of generosity’ they received.  

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Walcha

Yesterday we received our letter and gift vouchers in the mail.  What a generous and thoughtful / practical idea. Thank you for thinking of us. Please pass on our appreciation to the GIVIT organisation and let them know what a fantastic job they are doing supporting families and schools like ours. What a difference they are making during these tough times.


Belltrees Public School, Belltrees

“The community of Belltrees and its surrounding suburbs was one of the first areas to enter drought status and one of the last to receive decent rainfall. Many families have found it difficult to maintain a steady income while continuing the operation of their farming operations. The passion of these parents to ensure these students don’t miss out, has been outstanding throughout this 3+ year drought, constantly assuring that fundraising events and excursions were still available. This support will be a wonderful recognition of the difficult times over last few years and will be highly appreciated by the industrious families of the Belltrees Public School community,” Shane Roberts, Principal, Belltrees Public School.


“The vouchers of groceries will help to assist the families of our community as many of these families actually live and work on farms and depend on farming for the majority of their incomes. Those that do not own or live on farms, work for other farmers in our community. As you know, although we have had rain in many areas, the long term effects of the drought are still evident and many people's livelihoods are still a while away in becoming close to what they were prior to the drought. The grocery vouchers will ease the burden for a number of people in our community as although work is becoming more available, some people are just not getting enough. Being able to provide some families a way of getting some essentials, would be much appreciated,” Lucinda Scott, P & C President, Belltrees Public School.

How you can help spread joy

GIVIT is the smart way to donate to people and communities affected by drought. Every donation helps. Donate to be part of a giving movement that is truly making a difference. You can also donate to our Domestic and Family Violence Appeal, our Bushfire Appeals, our COVID-19 Appeal, or our Indigenous Appeal, depending on where you'd like your donation to make an impact.



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