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GIVIT is here to help generous people - like you - give the smart way

What is GIVIT?
GIVIT is a not-for-profit organisation matching generosity with genuine need. GIVIT is an easy, quick and efficient way of donating directly to people and communities without overwhelming councils and charities on the ground.

What is the smart way?
We want your donations to give the right help, at the right time, to those facing adversity, disaster, or disadvantage. Matching generosity with specific need creates something magical - donors see their contributions changing lives for the better, and those in need get a hand-up that’s not just ‘well-meant’ but targeted to helping them move forward.

How to give the smart way.
Support organisations registered with GIVIT make requests on this website. You can either supply an item or give money for GIVIT to make purchases on your behalf. We spend 100% of your cash donations received on essential goods and, wherever possible, ‘buy local’ so that small, often rural, businesses also get to benefit from your generosity.

We hope you enjoy reading some of our heart-warming stories about making a real and positive difference to the lives of Australians in need. We’re delighted to share some of the often remarkable, always heart-warming experiences of individuals, families, and communities rallying together to inspire hope in adversity - all assisted by the overwhelming generosity of Australians and people right around the world - including you! You’ll discover how a single, small item, given the smart way, can change a life forever.


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