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Gift vouchers for Queenslanders affected by domestic & family violence


Not sure how to help domestic violence victims? Here's how.

A simple $50 donation can buy a voucher to help someone when they need it most

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Each week, frontline community organisations across Queensland tell us exactly what's needed to get their clients through times of extreme hardship.

People impacted by domestic and family violence need a wide variety of items. Their needs are complex, and the situation is often delicate. For people escaping domestic violence situations and starting fresh with little or no personal belongings, the answer to what they need is "everything."

That's why vouchers are often more suitable. In many cases, vouchers are much more flexible than item donations. They are great for domestic violence charities, shelters and organisations. Giving a voucher to someone affected by domestic and family violence gives them a sense of dignity and independence during a time in which they might feel like they have none. A grocery voucher allows a mum to buy familiar foods that her children like instead of relying on what's available from a charity. A department store voucher allows a dad to feel empowered as he purchases furniture to furnish his family's new house as they start fresh.

Your generous donation will do more than just buy a voucher for someone doing it tough. It will show them that someone cares.

See what vouchers are needed right now

If you're purchasing vouchers to donate directly, all different kinds are welcome. Coles and Woolworths vouchers are perfect for buying groceries; Kmart, Big W and Target vouchers are great for household essentials, clothes, furniture and toys. Vouchers for Officeworks, Rebel Sport or petrol stations are also valuable.

Donate money

Donating money is a simple way to help thanks to our FUND option. Clicking on the FUND button for a request allows you to donate the money needed to buy the voucher. 100% of funds received by GIVIT for the request will go towards the purchase of the voucher.


Gift cards from GIVIT allow our staff to provide an initial food shop for women on arrival to our refuge, this allows the women to worry about one less thing on their arrival. The gift cards provide the women with the choice to buy items that are suitable to their needs. After escaping a life that has been controlled by the perpetrator, this is a gift of empowerment.


Who you're helping

"Our client is a mother and child escaping domestic violence. They are currently moving around sleeping on vouchers. This requires the mum to often drive long distances to take her child to school - avoiding moving from school to school. Running costs on mum's vehicle has become overwhelming and vouchers for her to purchase fuel will allow money to be used for food etc."

- Indigenous support charity


"Our client is a woman being released from custody who has previously suffered domestic and family violence. Currently has no stable accommodation, suffers from mental health and financial hardship."

- Women's re-entry organisation


"Adolescent male living with his grandmother need support with his emotional regulation. History of family addiction and domestic violence has left this young man dealing with a lot. The punching bag will give this 14-year-old male another outlet for his anger in addition to counselling."

- Domestic and family violence organisation


The items in this GIVIT Together are part of our Domestic and Family Violence Appeal.


See what vouchers are needed right now

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