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Warm clothes for winter in WA

The cost of living crisis means many families are shivering through winter.

Skyrocketing rent, groceries and power bills are forcing countless Australians to forego essentials this winter. Many are going without heating their homes or buying warm clothing so they can afford rent and food.

GIVIT's partnership with Hanes Brands Australasia means charities around Australia can receive brand-new, high-quality clothing for the people they're supporting.

A man and woman standing in a school office, smiling and holding a donated yellow jumper betweenthem.

YouthCare Chaplain and a staff member from a school in Western Australia with jumpers donated by Hanes.

Impact far and wide

The Goldfields-Esperance region in Western Australia is made up of an area larger than France! Living in the country can be tough: limited access to essential services, higher living costs, transport, and social isolation are all added challenges for people living remotely.

These vast distances also present logistical difficulties for GIVIT in getting help to people in need. Partnerships with organisations like YouthCare help us get essential items to regional communities doing it tough.

YouthCare provides chaplaincy services at schools across Western Australia, helping children and teenagers to lead healthy and happy school lives. YouthCare chaplains are in unique positions to be able to identify vulnerable students and families in the school community.

The last few months has seen many people across Australia shiver through a cold winter. With Hanes donating clothing to those in need, it provides so many families warmth and comfort during this chilly time of year. We're so grateful for the support Hanes gives.


YouthCare has distributed socks, tracksuit tops, hoodies and pants to schools across the region. Many school chaplains and staff reported that they have children coming to school without jumpers because their parents can't afford them, or that students aren't coming to school at all because they don't have the items or uniform they need.

Wongutha CAPS School is an Esperance-based boarding school for First Nations students from remote towns and communities. The school teaches students vocational, farming and driving skills as part of its curriculum.

Staff from Wongutha CAPS School were grateful to receive donations of socks from Hanes (below left). They said that often students arrive at school for the first time with nothing more than the clothes they're wearing.

Choosing between underwear and socks

A female school chaplain standing in front of the boot of a car holding a box of donated socks from Hanes.Roslyn (pictured right) is the School Chaplain at a high school in Esperance. Roslyn told us about a woman in the school community who recently left a domestic violence situation. Due to financial hardship, they recently had to choose between buying new underwear and new socks. The lady was in tears sharing her story, and told Roslyn she felt embarrassed.

Roslyn provided the woman with a box of six new pairs of socks, who said through grateful tears that she'd been praying for socks.

New pairs of socks might not seem like much. But to someone who's experienced domestic violence and is struggling financially, new clothes mean self-esteem, comfort, warmth and dignity, and most importantly, they let this woman know that support is available.

There is always need in our community... We are distributing to the North Goldfields (1000km+), 400km south and to Perth (600km+), so this donation is literally going a long way!

I'm blown away every time how far we can make the donation spread to the local and outer communities, this is only possible because of GIVIT and Hanes.

We truly appreciate your ongoing support to all our communities and they thank you!


Undies for toilet training

Female staff members from Middle Swan Primary School holding donated pairs of Hanes underwearAt Middle Swan Primary School, the principal was blown away by both the generosity of the donation, and the quality of the tracksuit tops.

Donated underwear was distributed to Midvale Hub Parenting Services, an organisation based on the school grounds that helps disadvantaged and struggling families in the community.

Staff member Kristiann was excited by this donation, and said the underwear would be perfect for the upcoming toilet training program run by the hub.

YouthCare also distributed donations to Laverton School (below left), Goldfields Baptist College (below middle) and Leonora District High School. 

Everybody deserves the comfort of a new pair of trackies, undies or socks. We at Hanes are so proud to be able to support the amazing work GIVIT does in bringing comfort to communities right across Australia.


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