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Donations for school success in the Northern Territory

GIVIT coordinates many requests by charities operating in the Northern Territory. Often these requests are for organisations working with Indigenous communities in remote regions.

Keen to promote engagement with learning and education, lots of requests are school-related. In the small Aboriginal community of Barunga, southeast of Katherine, GIVIT coordinated donations of over 1000 items, including clothes and linen from corporate partners, and donations of girl's school shoes from public donors in Sydney. 

In another example of generosity resulting in great outcomes for First Nations kids, we delivered 30 school bags to Pine Creek School, 90 kilometres south of Darwin.

The school had requested backpacks to support their 'Read With Me' home reader program. Whilst students were progressing well with their reading goals, most of them carried their school supplies in plastic bags, and the new books were too heavy for them. and were being left at school.

We were stoked to hear from Pine Creek School that the schoolbags definitely contributed towards an increase in reading and participation rates, and most students were taking their books home each day.

Soon after, in response to another request from the school, GIVIT coordinated the donation of 14 pairs of brand new, podiatrist-design school shoes from Skobi, as well as a stack of socks from Hanes.

As always with GIVIT, both public and corporate donors responded to specific requests from community organisations operating on the frontline. This means that donors can feel confident that no matter what they're donating, it's making a difference. GIVIT is the smart way to give!

Giving exactly what's needed to help people who need it

At the time of writing, there are more than 13,000 items needed as part of our Indigenous Support Appeal.

You can browse the 'What's Needed' list to see if you can donate anything that's been requested by frontline charities, you can donate money and be sure that 100% of your donation will be spent exactly where it's needed with no administrative costs removed by us, or you can donate time and offer your services to organisations needing support. 


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