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GIVIT helps Australians get back on track after devastating bushfires

In the midst of Australia’s bushfire crisis, many families found themselves stranded with little more than the clothes on their back. It was at this critical time that GIVIT stepped up, and provided thousands of donated items to ensure people got exactly what they needed to recover.

GIVIT also poured support into local economies, using donated funds to purchase needed items locally. GIVIT's former CEO Sarah Tennant shared how this made a world of difference to businesses.

“I had the pleasure of ringing a small mixed business owner in Baffle Creek, QLD following the fires last year and asked if we could purchase $5,000 worth of vouchers for locals who were doing it really tough,” Sarah recalled. “This lovely gentleman burst into tears and said what a difference that made to his business - he was planning on telling his kids that Santa wasn’t coming this year.”

It’s stories like this which fuel GIVIT’s drive to ensure people and communities get the support they need when recovering from disasters. During recovery, GIVIT acts as a “matchmaker” between those who need support, and people offering their help.

Sarah explained that GIVIT’s online donation platform acts as a “virtual warehouse” where people can ask the community what they require. “Following disasters Australians are incredibly generous, they see the vision on the news, they want to donate but often it’s not the right item or the right time. After bushfires, people haven’t got houses to put anything in yet, so the generous donation of a bed or a couch is actually hindering recovery efforts. By pledging into the virtual warehouse, donors hold onto that item and when (and if) it’s needed, we help make it happen. This way you’re enabling communities to take their own lead in the recovery.”

GIVIT is continuing to support the long-term recovery of the bushfires, nationally.



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